Search Engine Optimization Tool for Website Analysis

SEO and the race to get to the top of the search rankings for Google and the other search engines has exploded over the last few years. All companies, entrepreneurs, artists etc. are aware of the importance of internet rankings.
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At the same time, all search engines but most prominently Google have developed new algorithms that make content king and past SEO techniques mostly obsolete. Furthermore, Google is continuously making it more difficult for SEO analysts to track data and also seemingly pushing website owners and developers towards profit-oriented features, i.e. Google AdWords, with implementations such as the new Google Keyword Planner (located in the AdWords account) and the newly encrypted “Not Provided” implementation, which affects organic search but, as Gomer Pyle used to say, “Surprise, surprise”, doesn’t affect PPC (AdWords!) data. Whew! Thanks Google!

And so, with all of these developments over the last few years, along with the Panda and Penguin updates, the use of search engine optimization tools is an absolute necessity. With all of the search engine changes and updates comes an ever-growing sector based on the development of SEO tools that provide information on practically all aspects of a website and its optimization for search engines.

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No search engine optimization tool does it all; rather, an SEO consultant or website administrator needs a variety of SEO software programs. To start off with, keyword investigation is vital. Without creating studies on the various keywords a site or company needs to target, based on search volume, competitors, traffic and most importantly relevancy (=ROI), then a website can remain in the quagmire while other firms offering similar products/services rise to the top. The Google Keyword Planner is now the defacto search engine optimization tool, which is free to use so long as you have a Google AdWords account.

Along with the Keyword Planner, there are other keyword tools available which can greatly enhance the information one receives. Übersuggest is a great free tool for coming up with multitudes of synonymous long-tail keyword phrases. Other tools include the inexpensive Keyword Eye tool and Wordstream, a costly but in-depth PPC tool.

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But keyword research is only the first phase. Today it is imperative that a website runs unencumbered and without fatal errors that can ruin a site’s rankings. In-depth website analysis is necessary. The best search engine optimization tool on the market for site analysis is Forecheck. There are other tools such as Screaming Frog, Moz and SearchMetrics which offer valuable information, but Forecheck is in a class of its own.

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Forecheck attempts to provide all details of a site as a search engine would see it, and it can currently analyze sites of practically any size, including those with 1.5 million URLs! With Forecheck, one can analyze Meta tags, duplicate content, server errors, robot txt files, broken links, Google Analytics and much more. Reporting is imperative and with this tool, you can export to XML, CSV and Excel formats in various ways so that it’s easy to create specific reports.


Other search engine optimization tools include Ahrefs for internal and external link evaluation, and of course Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Xenu Link Sleuth, Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool, URI Valet Header Checker, XML Sitemap Generators, Schema Creator and more are available for various analyses.

These SEO tools are just a few of those available on the market!