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As the search engines have developed increasingly intricate algorithms, SEO analytics has become a vital necessity in the services of search engine optimization. SEO analysis regarding all aspects of a website, links, server status, keywords, load time, content, usability and so much more are important and must be analyzed for the best results in the rankings.

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Forecheck Benchmark Report

In the beginning, web masters or site owners could easily rise to the top of the rankings. “Black Hat” SEO techniques like pumping pages with links and keywords, using techniques such as white text keywords on a white background could easily lead a website to the top. Nowadays, however, search engines and most notably Google have developed algorithms that recognize all of these techniques and more importantly require that a site runs as error-free as possible along with trusted content, trusted backlinks from other sites and good usability.

In order to determine a site’s values in all of these areas and to find the errors and aspects that need to be corrected, web masters must create SEO analysis reports. Fortunately and as expected, there are numerous SEO tools on the market that provide SEO analytics for various aspects of a site.

Forecheck analysis

For years, keyword research has been the main theme of SEO. Today, however, keywords are only one aspect needed for success. Over the last couple of years with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, linking and usability have become major parts of SEO. In order to determine the errors, warnings and beneficial workings of a site, you need to have an in-depth overview of the entire site along with the keyword performance.

Different tools are out on the market. Of course, Google Analytics is stated to be the most used website analysis tool, along with Google Webmaster Tools and AdWords for their respective purposes.  A great deal of information can be gathered from these tools.

Google Analytics Reporting


SEO Analytics with Forecheck

However, for a complete SEO analysis of site URLs, you need a tool that captures all URLs with the various aspects concerning site pages, a tool which gathers information on broken links, status codes, load time, Meta information, canonical links, duplicate content and more.

The tool Forecheck  is the perfect SEO analytics software program. With Forecheck, you can analyze sites of any size, even sites with over 1 million URLs! Other tools won’t provide detailed information on all URLs, and with Forecheck you can create specific reports on specific issues that allow for not only creating but also easily sharing and pinpointing the information for your web master team.

Forecheck SEO Analytics