SEO Checker Analysis Software

A great many SEO checker tools are out on the market these days. SEO has become a thriving business as companies and entrepreneurs strive to generate and keep top rankings in the search engines, primarily Google. With the continued evolution of Google and its algorithm updates, in order to be successful, one needs to constantly maintain websites that run as flawlessly as possible, all the while researching keyword terms along with competitor stats for the same and similar keywords.

A few robust web crawlers exist, including tools like Forecheck, Xenu’s Link Sleuth, Moz, Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, and Microsoft’s IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit. When performing an SEO check and analysis, each tool has its strengths.

Forecheck is by far the most robust and has the most to offer. It crawls a site as a search engine web crawler would do. Furthermore, you can choose which crawler/bot you want to simulate, and it’s capable of running reports on virtually any site from any region and in any language. With the power to run an analysis for sites of any size, including ones with over 1.5 million links, Forecheck truly offers the capacity to return complete information on all the URLs that make up a site.

SEO Checker Analysis with Forecheck

Forecheck in Full Analysis mode:

SEO Checker

A great advantage of using Forecheck as an SEO checker program is that it is also compact and runs fast as lightning. Competitors Moz and Screaming Frog also generate a great deal of information, but it’s limited and in the case of Moz, you may have to wait a week for the results. Forecheck will return results for smaller sites in the matter of minutes, while the information on huge sites such as Microsoft can be returned in hours.

The image below shows returns from Moz and how it differentiates from Forecheck:


Here is an image showing a Screaming Frog SEO Spider analysis:


Most of the SEO checker tools are capable of generating lots of the same information, such as Meta tags, Server status codes, broken links and other facets. Forecheck wins in this category as well as it returns info on additional features such as Load Time, canonical links, duplicate content, Header info, Robot txt and practically every other element required in a full SEO check. Even features of Google Analytics can be incorporated into Forecheck. Currently it doesn’t return specified Keyword information, but that’s in the works for an upcoming version.

Along with Forecheck, Screaming Frog,  IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit and Xenu’s Link Sleuth are stand-alone programs that must be installed on a PC.  This isn’t a disadvantage since an online tool can’t generate the same returns as quickly. The Microsoft tool IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit can only be used with an IIS server, and while it has some good features, development has reportedly been discontinued.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is a fine freeware tool for limited information and smaller sites. The image below shows most of the features available:


Which brings us to the popular Moz online program. It’s a very useful tool with great features. What differs between Moz and the other programs is that it’s not as robust of a crawler in regards to URLs, rather it’s more of a graphical tool that delves equally into a site’s URLs and other aspects such as social and marketing features. The Moz image below is identical to the PDF reporting that it generates for Duplicate Page Content:



And here below we see the Benchmark Report generated by Forecheck. All features under the Server and Content columns are links that lead to individual reporting:

Forecheck Benchmark Google