Website Audit SEO Tool Forecheck

Maintaining a working website that creates little confusion for visitors or search engines is essential for greater traffic and revenues. Website audit reporting on a regular basis is your best bet for optimal performance. Even when a site is running problem free, the next day issues can arise. And even though it may look good to you, the search engines may calculate things differently.

The image below shows part of a website audit analysis with the tool Forecheck. Only some of the features available are pictured. Click on the image to see a larger view:

Website Audit Forecheck

Why run a website audit? To begin with, problems may exist in a shop or login system you’re not aware of. Most problems in a website, some small and sometimes huge, aren’t noticed right away, and sometimes problems can cripple a company’s income over a period of time. In addition, visitors will leave and not come back if the experience is frustrating. Broken links or login problems will hurt the credibility of a website. And this can happen with a site of any size.

Luckily, there is a great deal of SEO tools on the market that will provide detailed reports on the state of a website. Most of these specialize in certain categories. For instance, the research of keywords and different aspects such as keyword positions, keyword density in text, keywords appearing in Meta tags, headings and more are always a top priority.

Various keyword tools are available. The Google Keyword Planner is the most widely used tool for keyword research analysis, which is now incorporated into Google AdWords.  Wordtracker and Uebersuggest also provide keyword ideas, to name just a couple of the programs on the market.

But a true website audit will include retrieval of a site’s structure and URLs. In order to fully gain an understanding of the issues surrounding a site, it must be dissected in detail and one must be able to view the architecture.  Not only do you need information regarding SEO keyword aspects, it’s also important to know the state of broken links, server status codes, load time, duplicate content and other issues which may bring down rankings and traffic.

Website Audit with Forecheck

Forecheck  is the most thorough website audit tool on the market. With Forecheck, you get absolute information on the state of URLs for a website of any size. Forecheck can currently return over 1.5 million URLs from a site along with precise details for each URL. Importantly, creating reports from the retrieved information is incredibly simple.


All other tools that provide SEO audits of a site return only a portion of the URLs from a website. In many cases, the reporting is usually convoluted and difficult to change and use. With Forecheck, one of the outstanding features is that it will create reports with various features so that you can tailor the reports specifically for your web master team and use them to the best advantages.