Website Checker Forecheck for All Sites

For those serious about increasing traffic and the user experience, a website checker program must be incorporated into the tools the web master or team uses. Not only for SEO purposes, but for a site’s usability standards.

True, with a software tool such as Forecheck, you can use it to perform a great variety of SEO tasks such as the capturing of information from Meta tags, header elements, anchor tags and more. And any good search engine tool will return Server status codes as well. Most are capable of returning a very limited amount of broken links or things such as 302s. However, with Forecheck, a website’s entire list of URLs are returned along with full lists of the mentioned issues.

Website Checker Forecheck

Use Forecheck as a Website Checker

But Forecheck goes far beyond these capabilities.  As a website checker, it runs a full analysis of a site, delving into any amount of URLs, including sites with over 1 million links, along with a diagnosis of the individual links. Various aspects such as Load Time, Canonical links and Duplicate Content are reported. Integrate Google Analytics information. Create reports that detail the returns of a website check.


Type in the domain and let Forecheck run. It will analyze a site of any size, small sites as well as the biggest sites on the Internet. Have a look at various reporting possibilities:


The website checker Forecheck allows for numerous user Settings, search functions within the URLs, filtering options, indexability issues and analyses of sites in most any language! Currently, it’s offered in English and German, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run an analysis on sites just in those languages. Run a full analysis on sites based in Asia including China and Japan, sites based in Europe, Africa or the Middle East.  This means that a company with websites in multiple regions around the world can be analyzed with this powerful website checker.