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Image Hijacking in Google Image Search: How it works and how to protect

Image Hijacking in the Google Search results is an issue that has a long history. It is obviously an easy way to redirect traffic to other sites, mainly spammy websites. It has looked like a Google bug since 2007 when it … Continue reading

Google forgets names in the “Right To Be Forgotten”

In my first post about this issue back in July 2014, I analyzed the names of the members of the European Parliament. The idea was simple: The Parliament consists of a cross-section of people throughout Europe, and in most cases the … Continue reading

Google’s problematic Right to be forgotten algorithm

As I stated in my last blog post, after 17 years of working in the field of SEO, I remember 2 reproducible and severe errors by Google.  And now I have found a third error from Google. Well, it may … Continue reading