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Image Hijacking in Google Image Search: How it works and how to protect

Image Hijacking in the Google Search results is an issue that has a long history. It is obviously an easy way to redirect traffic to other sites, mainly spammy websites. It has looked like a Google bug since 2007 when it … Continue reading

How to test the “Don’t block CSS and JS files by robots.txt” rule from Google

For years Google  has recommended not blocking CSS and JS files with robots.txt. In Forecheck we implemented this issue and it lists every blocked CSS or JS file as an error in the section “Blocked by robots.txt”. Only blocked CSS … Continue reading

Google forgets names in the “Right To Be Forgotten”

In my first post about this issue back in July 2014, I analyzed the names of the members of the European Parliament. The idea was simple: The Parliament consists of a cross-section of people throughout Europe, and in most cases the … Continue reading

The real winners of SSL as an SEO ranking signal

When Google announced that HTTPS (HTTP protocol oder SSL) is a ranking signal, many people in and outside the SEO industry where amazed. Google explained it’s step mainly as a high priority regarding security. HTTPS shall be everywhere. This signal … Continue reading

Google’s problematic Right to be forgotten algorithm

As I stated in my last blog post, after 17 years of working in the field of SEO, I remember 2 reproducible and severe errors by Google.  And now I have found a third error from Google. Well, it may … Continue reading