Cloud and Client Solution

Forecheck as Cloud and Windows Client

You can use Forecheck as a client solution and install it on any Windows computer. Or you can access Forecheck online in the cloud from anywhere in the world. It is also possible to use both cases parallel. For certain applications, one variant is better than the other. Here we show you the main differences and similarities. In both instances, the functionality and surface of Forecheck are absolutely identical!

Forecheck Cloud Solution

Forecheck runs in the cloud as a RemoteApp solution hosted in the worldwide data centers from Microsoft. So log on to the RemoteApp application in your account that is available for multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOSX or Android.
You use a powerful virtual machine on which we also provide other useful products for you. There is no restriction on the time use or data transfer. The CPU load is only limited by the available power of the virtual machine that provides a modern multi-core processor.

The benefits of the cloud-based solution are:

  • Access via the Internet from anywhere
  • Analyses run continuously, even when your PC is turned off
  • Multiple instances of Forecheck are possible (only limited by processing power and memory)
  • Other applications installed on the system complement Forecheck
  • No restrictions such as credits or time-delayed processing because of its own available virtual machine

The Disadvantages of the Cloud-based Solution are:

  • Up to 50 GB of disk space for use of data analysis
  • No simultaneous access by multiple users (but it can be booked by more users, when each additional user has its own system)
  • Only access to web servers that can be accessed via the Internet
  • Higher costs than the Windows client solution


Forecheck Client Solution

Forecheck can be installed on any Windows system, from the newest version to Windows XP SP3. Basically, the Windows solution is cheaper because there is no cost for hosting and traffic incurred which is generated through using Forecheck.

You define on the system running Forecheck the limitation on time, processor, data transfer and disk space for the data analysis. A license is limited to a system and a user. A common Internet connection (DSL) and a standard Windows PC, however, are sufficient to use Forecheck optimally.

The advantages of the Windows client solution are:

  • Access to web servers, which are only accessible via the internal network
  • Multiple instances of Forecheck are possible (only limited by the processing power and memory of the PC running Forecheck)
  • Move to another PC at any time
  • Storage space for data analysis is only limited by the disk space available locally
  • Cheaper than the web-based version

The Disadvantages of Client Solution are:

  • Analyses can only run when the PC is running
  • Access to all of the data is only available on the PC on which Forecheck is installed (however, reports and analyses can of course be stored anywhere)