Feature Log: Implementation details

Here you will get some of the most important features and their implementation date:

Feature Log by Version

Version 0.8.3 (Released 11. Aug 2014)

  • Scheduler and Queue implemented (within project management)
  • Google Analytics Import: Parameters that shall be deleted from URLs are also deleted from imported URLs from Google Analytics
  • New columns: Title length (total chars), and Description length (total chars)
  • Threshold values for too long/too short title/description can be set within the project settings
  • Small design changes, some icons added

Version 0.8.2 (Released 5. June 2014)

  • Now supports nested CSS files (CSS files that are linked through other CSS files)
  • data:images information in CSS files are stated as URLs (as images)
  • Creation of long reports can be aborted
  • Link to excel export within all report types in the benchmark tab
  • Additional Hx reports (e.g. Duplicate Hx, Hx missing)
  • Enhanced memory management
  • Additional Level filters in the analysis tab
  • Context menu allows to jump to the same index from Analysis tab to Links tab and back
  • Redirect chains report (divided to internal and external chains)
  • Enhanced http/https handling for redirects
  • Link Juice values implemented, reports for every level implemented