Forecheck: Data driven SEO

Forecheck AwardsThese days, SEO is often centered on the creation of content and backlinks. But SEO means creating value for the user, the target group and your clients. The best content and backlinks don’t guarantee good rankings and the optimal user experience. Nor do they guarantee visitors or revenue. Why?

Those values have to be presented in the best possible way: No errors, no problems, feeding the search engine algorithms and satisfying the needs of your prospects. For this you need data like broken links, load time, website structure, bounce rates and much more additional data. Forecheck enables you to gather the data in one place, fast, as often as you want and in near real-time.

Forecheck is not only a SEO tool. It is without a doubt the best onpage analyzer on the market. Although Forecheck has not yet been officially released, it won the Innovation Award in 2013 for the most innovative content management solution, beating out other tools like the InterRed CMS system. Forecheck was released in beta form in 2013. At the European Search Awards, Forecheck was on the short list of the best SEO tools for 2014. So what makes Forecheck so innovative?

The fast Crawler

Forecheck Crawler FilterTo index a website, search engines send a crawler. To simulate what search engines get, you need a fast and precise crawler. Crawling a website will need time, too much time. Waiting days for results is not acceptable in such a fast business like SEO. We wanted a crawler that crawls thousands of pages in minutes, and we wanted to dig into the crawled data. We achieved this goal and it works! Forecheck is lightning fast and can crawl websites with more than 1 million URLs!

Forecheck retrieves all of the important data like the Title, H1 and Description elements (see full feature list). It also obtains the content, source code, indexability, redirect chains, infinite loops and so much more. You can filter the data as you like, and you can easily export it in report form.

Faster SEO Reports & Results

Forecheck ResultsFast and detailed reports are important for producing the information you need within seconds. Reports can lead to results, meaning fewer errors, only if the analyzed data is complete and correct. Since 1997 we have worked as an SEO agency and we know the needs of SEO experts. We understand the algorithms of the search engines and their changes over time. But we also understand the needs of webmasters, programmers and the people in the SEO industry.

All reports have one goal: Giving you all the information you need to solve a problem, fast and reliable. The reports were developed from the daily needs of our business. Download Forecheck now and try it yourself!

Just in time Processes

Forecheck add parameter to removeWhen SEO actions are in a process, you often have to analyze, optimize and test. This ongoing process needs recurring analysis. One example: You find a parameter in a URL that should be deleted from the URLs containing it. The Duplicate Content report from Forecheck tells you that this parameter has no impact on the content. You enter it in the Google Webmaster Tools and hope it will help.

In Forecheck, you just enter this parameter into the list of parameters that shall be removed during an analysis and restart it. You can see in minutes how this will change the way a search engine crawls the website. A future feature of Forecheck is that it will be able automatically to import the parameter settings from the Google Webmaster Tools. At the present time, you can just use this option to understand the impact of changes like this.