Forecheck Overview: Main Features and SEO Actions

Forecheck Box

Forecheck is an extremely powerful Website and SEO Analyzer that runs like a search engine crawler at lightning speed through any website. Reports give you detailed insights to relevant search engine factors.

But Forecheck is different than any other SEO tool. And Forecheck is more. And we will explain why!

Forecheck enables you to… Unique Forecheck Features
Analyze any domain in any language Supports all charsets and codings of all languages
Analyze whenever you want Full text search for all data including source code
Analyze how often you want All reports can be created on the fly
Analyze up to 2 million URLs per domain Get 100% precise and complete data
Analyze with up to 1,000 parallel requests Export all data and Reports into CSV or Excel in seconds

The Analysis Tab: All the data in one view

Forecheck Analysis OverviewIn the Analysis tab, you can see nearly all of the crawled data retrieved by Forecheck. Color-coding produces quick advice concerning problems and errors. The crawled data isĀ  updated in real-time. Columns can be moved and sorted just as you need them. Store your preferred view in sheets. View more data in the additional tabs at the bottom.

Use filters to constrain the data to your needs. Export the actual view at any time to a comma-separated CSV file or an Excel file. Examine additional data in the sheet “All” that contains the default data plus content, source code and the link text of all pages.

See Forecheck in action in the Intro Video. You are the Decider – choose what and how deep to analyze along with which settings to use – and there are hundreds of possible settings.



Why do companies love Forecheck? Download the Forecheck Fact Sheet or download and install it and see for yourself all the benefits you get!


The Benchmark Tab: All reports in one place

Forecheck BenchmarkThe Benchmark tab shows all of the available standard reports – from broken links to duplicate content analysis. The numbers, warnings and errors show where you need to take action. The Help comments provide you with all of the details.

Just click on any of the links to get a detailed report. Some report elements can be viewed in the Analysis tab where special filters can be applied, and for some elements you can create a specially designed report. For example, the Duplicate Content report provides 7 rules and designates one to the specific problem.

You can always create reports by exporting the specific data that you need. There are more than 35 elements that you can export, making it possible to compare and dig deeper into the data. You can always save and print the Benchmark Report.

All of the data is precise, correct and complete. We have been an established SEO company since the beginning – starting in 1997! We know that 100% correct data is essential for the right findings.


The Reports Tab: Precise data for Experts

Forecheck ReportsThe Reports are designed to give you the information you need for a special problem. For example, the Duplicate Content report not only shows pages with identical content in blocks, it also analyzes all of the canonical links and indicates the reasons for the problems.

Next, it indicates with color-coding if a problem has been solved by the canonical link. Additionally, parameter settings in the Google Webmaster Tools can bet set in the Project Settings. And of course, Forecheck checks whether a URL or a Canonical Link has been blocked by robots.txt. 100% precise data that you need!

All reports can be exported to Excel where all information and color-coding will be retained.

Want to try it for yourself? Download Forecheck right away!