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Time and efficiency for analysis software such as Forecheck is extremely important. Forecheck contains unique technologies and highly efficient algorithms with decisive advantages:

  • Up to 1,000 and more parallel requests
  • Hybrid memory architecture for highly efficient data analysis
  • Analyzes more than 100 pages in parallel with a multi-core processor
  • Award “Enhanced for intel CORE” proves highly efficient algorithms
  • Real-time evaluations, Analyses and Reports

The highly efficient programming and concept not to keep most of the data in a database but rather in RAM memory allows for a completely different work structure. This unique approach makes it possible to analyze and run reports in real time. A special hybrid technology is used that also provides a hardly noticeable reduction in speed the larger the website is. The analysis and export of millions of data records are possible in just a few seconds!

Enhanced for intel COREForecheck has received the “Enhanced for intel CORE” award. Only software that efficiently takes advantage of multi-core architecture of modern processors can receive this award. Thanks to the optimized code in C and C ++, Forecheck can run tasks extremely fast.
Forecheck sets no limitations when working with data – there are no credits or other limitations on data transfer or processor loads. This applies to the Windows version and the web-based version! Even for large websites and many parallel processes, Forecheck only requires a powerful multi-core processor. And when it needs to be more, the tasks are distributed across multiple systems. With the downloading of pages and files from the Internet, the bottleneck is always the response time of the answering web server. Today these are very well connected to the Internet as well as Internet users with broadband DSL connections. To make it possible to download a lot of pages and files, this is performed with parallel queries. On a standard Windows calculator, Forecheck can easily handle up to 1,000 and more requests in parallel. An overload of requests to a web server on the Internet usually results in timeouts. However, you can use Forecheck to perform a simple load test. The recurrent attacks today from the Internet function similarly (DOS Attacks – Denial of Service).The possibility also exists to divide an abundance of server requests on various computers, which makes a load test more comparable to a real situation. If you are interested, please contact us.

This efficiency means less computing power and less time needed for the tasks at hand. Therefore, Forecheck is beneficial and comparatively low-priced. But you also get much more than web-based systems. In our comparison, you can read all the details.

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