Versions: Professional Business Enterprise Ultimate
Analyses/Crawls unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
You can run analyses (crawls) whenever you want, how often you want and for any domain. An analysis will start when you decide on it, whether it’s immediately or scheduled in the scheduler or in the queue. Unlimited analyses can be saved in a project. The only limit is related to the number of projects that can be stored, based on the version of Forecheck (see “projects”). With a normal PC, you can run an analysis in the background and perform other work on your PC at the same time. You can also run parallel instances of Forecheck. However, running several Forecheck analyses parallel will most likely slow down your PC.
Projects 3 10 20 unlimited
If you want to save an analysis, you save it in a project. In a project you can save as many analyses of the same domain as you want. You can also delete a project at any time and all analyses related to the project. A project has some assigned functions, like the import of Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools data and the definition of keywords. In the project management of Forecheck you can see the functions of a project. These functions are constantly being expanded with new updates.
Pages per Analysis 10,000 100,000 1,000,000 >1,000,000

Every analysis is limited only by the number of internal pages/URLs that have been analyzed (analyzed pages of the domain). It doesn’t matter how many images, videos or other files the analyzed domain contains! However, once the limit has been reached (based on the version), the analysis will stop. The number of pages or URLs is unlimited in the Ultimate version.

As a rule of thumb, 1 GB of PC memory works well for an analysis of approximately 500,000 URLs (which includes all types of URLs, not only pages). Forecheck is a 32-Bit software program, therefore on 32-Bit systems a maximum of 2 GB of RAM can be used. Forecheck will stop an analysis if the PC memory isn’t enough. Forecheck is currently only available as a 32-Bit version. With a 64-Bit version no RAM limits would exist. If you are interested in a 64-Bit version, please contact us.

Of interest is that Forecheck performs an analysis by retaining the majority of the data in the memory – enabling an extremely fast evaluation and analysis! This is not possible with web-based solutions because all of the data must always be stored in a database. This explains why the number of URLs is defined by the available memory. As for a deep website analysis, this can be beneficial for overall information, but we suggest delving into the details of deep level URLs once an optimization of the first levels of a domain has been completed. Find more details about this in the Forecheck Help.

Google Analytics no yes yes yes
You can import Google Analytics data into every analysis. The only requirements are the Google Analytics login details of the corresponding domain and a one-time setup of a Google API account.
Parallel requests 10 10 100 1,000

The number of parallel requests (parallel server requests) can be set and changed individually for every analysis during an analysis. Be aware that the primary factor is the speed of the connection to the web server, not the number of parallel requests. If you check an in-house server, you might quickly overload the server.

Such load tests are possible with Forecheck, but as of yet there are no special evaluations for such load tests. However, you will still see the increasing load time and number of timeouts during such a load test.

The speed for a standard PC and normal web connection is around 500 to 1,500 URLs per minute, however, this can differ due to the speed of the web server and your Forecheck settings. The speed will remain nearly constant throughout the analysis and Forecheck will only subtly slow down the crawling process.

Keywords unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
You can define unlimited keyword lists for a project with each list containing up to 50,000 keywords (starting with version 0.8.4)! The keywords can be used for further analyses and evaluations with new updated Forecheck features as they are included. In the near future, keyword rankings will be also be available. The limits for keyword rankings differ from keyword list limits.
Volume licenses yes yes yes yes
Save up to 53% for volume licenses. By choosing 2 licenses you already get approximately a 30% rebate on the price. Just choose your preferred license, click on “Buy now” and in the shopping cart click on the link “volume discount prices”. The stated volume discounts are for volume licenses of the same version.
Price per Month $ 49.- monthly
$ 99.- monthly
$ 149.- monthly
$ 199.-monthly
The contract term is monthly. No cancelation period exists: You can cancel the contract at any time before the extension of the contract. With a yearly contract, you pay for 10 months instead of 12!
No minimum term, no period of notice!
You can terminate the contract at any time with immediate effect.
Price per Year $ 490.- yearly
$ 990.- yearly
$ 1,490.- yearly
$ 1,990.- yearly
The contract term is yearly. No cancelation period exists: You can cancel the contract at any time before the extension of the contract. With a yearly contract, you pay for 10 months instead of 12!

Contract extension is effective automatically for the same chosen term of the contract.