About Us

they love itWe have come a long way… we started way back in 1995. Google did not exist in those days, but we had developed the first SEO software in Germany. The software was called RankIt!! and was sold starting in 1997 as shareware and distributed on floppy discs. Yes! The idea to spread software over the internet was not that common back then. Internet connections through modems were quite slow… :-(

At that time, companies began asking for SEO services. This was how our company was founded. We  were the first SEO company in Germany. In 2000 the company was renamed and newly organized as cyberpromote GmbH. As of today, we are still a privately held company, and 25 experts help companies around the world to solve their problems. The SEO business has changed more and more towards consulting services, usability optimization, web analytics and more. We began developing another software tool in 2007, Search Engine Glasses, which is a tool that views websites like search engines do.

Back around 2005 we also started writing a software program that crawls websites like a search engine. We have used it internally for our SEO projects as we do with many other tools. We faced many problems, but we solved them. Year after year the software greatly improved, and therefore we decided to create a tool for the market. Forecheck was born.

If you would like to learn more about it, we would love to hear your from you.